New facewash



SO after a few years of buying the most expensive face washes/cleansers possible to try and get clear skin…I have found savour in…Garnier!

I actually only bought this to tide me over until payday but since using it my skin has been clearer than it has been in a long time! Have always been jealous of people with perfect skin who can just put anything on their face but I don’t feel so bad now knowing I can get a facewash for around £3!

I currently use this face wash combined with Naobay calming toner, which just feels lovely 🙂

PS – I have recently been MIA due to illness!! Hopefully I can get back to properly doing this blog!

The Pink Parcel


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What a fantastic site I’ve just discovered.

The pink parcel is a monthly subscription service aimed at taking the hassle out of your period!

Once you have signed up (first box only £5.95), you will receive a box every month with sanitary products, pamper products, tea and something sweet.

Take a look here to for a sneak peak at what you can expect in this months box! Maybe having a period won’t be so bad now? 😕


Now I’m off to purchase my first box 👄


Big lips or no?


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My thoughts on big lips change all the time. At the moment I can’t help but stare at Kylie Jenner’s big fish lips and feel slightly jealous. I would never resort to surgery of any kind but wouldn’t mind getting a fuller lip in a natural way. I came across this Buzzfeed post at the weekend which details how to get bigger lips without the need for surgery. Sounds like quite a long process but I intend to try this at the weekend when I head for a night out in London! Will post results! So big lips or no?image


My first post 🙂

I spend a large percentage of my days thinking about beauty/skincare/make up so decided to put my thoughts into blog form! I’ll review products, tell people about products I’m using etc and hopefully help some people out!

My skin is very sensitive so I’m always looking for beauty buys to coincide with this fact. Hopefully I can find new products on my journey and also let people in on some secrets I have picked up so far.

happy reading x